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Corporate Venturing – An Institutional-Corporate Partnership Approach

Recently, our team did some in-depth research into our Corporate Venturing offering and found some key insights for potential partners. Check out the article here.

Abstact: This article explores the organizational challenge faced by multinational corporations [MNCs] in setting up corporate venture capital [CVC] initiatives to navigate the complex and dynamic business environment. Recognizing the limitations of traditional innovation models, MNCs increasingly turn to CVCs for strategic advantages. The proposed solution advocates a hybrid model involving collaborations with institutional venture capital partners, aiming to overcome challenges related to organizational alignment, risk management, and fostering collaboration with external ventures. Drawing insights from case studies and a thorough literature review, the article outlines the benefits and potential pitfalls of such a model. Anticipated challenges include aligning objectives and managing communication barriers, while expected positive outcomes encompass streamlined innovation pipelines, diversified portfolios, and increased deal flows. The article underscores the importance of effective communication and collaboration management in navigating the complexities of this hybrid CVC strategy.

Wondering how you can implement this approach for your own company? Drop us an email at to find out more!

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